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June 1st Update

Mark the date of July 16 in your calendar for the Across the Highlands Challenge by Velo Club Cheticamp. This fun, exciting and challenging event is the Mecca of mountain biking for all fitness levels. There's unofficial accolades praised upon the first place finishers who take on this long distance non-race the fastest. Take your fatties, your high end and even low end bikes and see some spectacular scenery along the way plus make a few new friends with riders from other parts of the province and country.
We will offer 3 different route options: a 25-30 km fun & scenic, avoiding the long steep climbs; a 40-45 km adventure ;  and a gruesome 60-65 km. We promise all the routes will offer lots of exhilarating and amazing vistas. Following the Challenge, we will again be offering a choice of an all you can eat crab dinner, a steak, or vegan dish, plus salads, and scrumptious deserts, all served with true Acadian hospitality.

If you plan on using motel or hotel accommodations, make sure to book early as mid July is the height of the tourist season. For those wishing to camp, there is the CBH National Park campground, the Plage St-Pierre (beach) campground, plus free camping on the school grounds with washroom facilities inside the school. Weather permitting, if enough people are interested, we will have an evening bon fire (musicians especially welcomed). Anyone wishing to extend their stay can also join us the next day (Sunday the 17th) for a leisurely ride along the scenic Salmon Pool Trail and enjoy a picnic and a swim in one of the lovely pools.

Register here.

Questions, suggestions? email, phone or text : , 902-224-0069


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